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Friday, August 19, 2011

To in-line style or to not, that is the question.

In-line styling, some like it some don't. Some even say it's a lazy and sluggish way to apply styling.

Well you see, the thing is, no one is right or wrong, everything has it's place in the world, whether it be in-line or not.

Benefits of in-line styling.
Most developers will say, in-line styling is a thing from hell, but truth be told, in-line styling does have it's benefits.
  • You can quickly patch something gone wrong.
  • You don't need to write a whole styling script for when you'll only be applying a style on one thing.
For example, if you apply the same style on many areas of your site, but you only need to change one thing on one div or whatever, instead of going to your css and doing what you do best, you just apply a in-line style.

But of cause, like I said many developers prefer to do it the long way or the easy quick way.

Disadvantages of in-line styling.
In-line styling can get messy, specially if you are working on a big project.
  • Too much in-line styling used makes it difficult to make changes in later stages.
  • IT GETS MESSY, most newbies use in-line styling from start to finish, and for someone else to carry on working on the project will give him a tough time.
So like I said, it's best used for when using in-line styling on one area, but definitely a never do it, when you use in-line styling throughout the whole site!

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Craig said...

Hey man, nice short and sweet article! I use inline styling when a short hack is needed.