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Friday, August 26, 2011

Web Design Software, Opensource and Licensed

Web Design Software, Opensource and Licensed are your two options.

We live in a world filled with options and almost every need can be met, in Web Designing your two main needs would be a Text Editor and a Digital Image Editor. If you go search the web for something in these two categories, you'll definitely find a heck of a lot of options, let me tell you which apps are worth your time and which software can be called web design software.

Text Editor
You get so many Text Editors, each one finding favour in someone's opinion, here is a list of my top 3 that I prefer to use.
  1. Netbeans (free)
  2. Geany (free)
  3. Komodo Edit (free)
You do get other Text Editors, but these are free and handle any project like a Licensed Text Editor. Netbeans is definitely the best, but it can soak up all your pc resources since it's Java driven. Geany is my favourite, it's lite weight and hardly uses any pc resources. Komodo edit is a blend of Geany and Netbeans, can get a little tricky to use. All three these Text Editors code perfectly well in most Languages, Python, HTML, CSS, Java, PHP and much more!

Digital Image Editors
The most favourite to use as some of you may know is, Adobe software, with their awesome range of software like Photoshop and Fireworks you just cant go wrong, but the downside of this is that you must pay for a license and it is EXPENSIVE. If you are not the one to hand out cash, then you must definitely go opensource, you'll find a few good opensource web design software, but to save you the trouble I'll just give you three names of good free and licensed software.
  1. Adobe Photoshop (not free)
  2. Adobe Fireworks (not free)
  3. Gimp (free)
The main runner in Opensource Image Editors, this app is really powerful, it has the capabilities of opening and editing almost all known file formats that Adobe have, from PSD to PDF, it's really powerful and specially that it runs very well on Linux and Windows.

Fireworks is definitely on my favourites list, because you can cut up designs very easily and it has the benefit of opening up PSD and layered PNG files. It has the same capabilities as Photoshop and most Designers prefer using Fireworks as their Web Design Software.
Photoshop is the favourite of them all, to be honest, I use Photoshop more for Photo Editing than Web Designing, but I guess everyone has their own liking. Out of all three of the software I mentioned, Photoshop is definitely the most powerful and if you are considering on doing Web Designing as a career, Photoshop should be in your tool bag.

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